Looking into the future, with the latest advances
in ophthalmology, handled by excellent professionals.





Our staff is formed by
a renowned medical team
of ophthalmologists who specialize
in each kind of vision problem.



We are pioneers in Spain in using
the technology RELEX SMILE

More than 3000 surgeries have been done in our clinic
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New advances, with efficient results by applying
ultrasonic and sonic energy and pressurized water.

Application of the smallest amount of energy needed to remove the cataract


Take care of them, take care of their eyes.

Routine check-ups carried out
by a pediatric ophthalmologist
are essential, even if there are no symptoms.


We take care of your eyes

Laservisión is an ophthalmology clinic of reference. Specialized in the most modern technologies for the correction of vision defects, it has the most qualified professionals for each kind of vision problem.

Laservisión is the first company in Spain to use the ReLEx SMILE technology to correct your myopia. It is a 100% femtosecond laser method, so there is no need to lift the corneal flap. Because the corneal structure is preserved, the chances of having dry eye after the surgery are reduced.

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Corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by using Excimer Laser and other technologies.


At Laservisión we offer you different options so that you can see up close without needing glasses.


We perform cataracts surgery with fast vision recovery, without hospitalization, and using numbing eye drops. There is no need to cover your eyes, there are no stitches and no pain.


Retina and macula specialized unit. Anti-angiogenic treatments.


The ReLEx SMILE technique is the most modern treatment for myopia and astigmatism. At Laservisión we are leading experts in the use of this technique.


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It becomes an additional lens in the ocular system. The ICL is designed in such a way that it can correct myopia and hypermetropia. The toric ICL can also correct a stigmatism when it presents associated with myopia.

The lens works by changing the focus point of light on the retina.


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A cataract is total or partial opacification of the crystalline lens (the eye’s natural lens) that progressively reduces vision. A cataract is normally associated with age, although it can be congenital or occur through trauma.

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There are different techniques for seeing close-up without glasses, all have advantages and disadvantages


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The retina and thus the macula also rest on another layer of the back of the eye called the choroid. This provides oxygen and nutrients to the retina and is responsible for cleaning the waste products generated by the retina.

All these exchanges must be made through a very thin membrane that exists between the retina and the choroid, the Bruch membrane. Well, it is precisely the anomalies in this latter structure that initially cause AMD.

Thus, these changes may impede the proper nutrition of the retina resulting in the secondary degeneration of the retina that is supported on that area, which is known by dry or atrophic form of the disease.

The other possibility is that as a stimulus to the lack of nutrients and oxygen, the growth of abnormal vessels will develop and eventually destroy the surrounding structures as they grow, which is known as a wet or exudative form.

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Pterygium is the abnormal growth of tissue on the conjunctiva, which tends to go from the tear ducts towards the cornea.

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The endothelium is a layer of uniformly sized cells with hexagonal shape, which acts as a semipermeable membrane that allows the flow of aqueous humour that supplies the cornea with glucose and other nutrients. Its main function is removing water from the cornea to maintain its transparency.

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