We have the most qualified ophthalmologist for each type of vision problem, specializing in all eye areas: retina and macula, pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, uvea, eyelids and tear duct… This means that we are able to provide the best attention for each case, giving out patients a remarkably personalized treatment for their specific problem.

Dr. Angel López Castro

Our staff is formed by a renowned medical team led by Dr. Angel López Castro, surgeon-ophthalmologist and medical director at LASERVISIÓN. He is one of the ophthalmologists with the largest number of patients treated with laser in Europe and with the broadest experience in the use of new technologies for cataract surgery. He is also one of the ophthalmologists who carries out the highest number of surgeries to correct myopia and hypermetropia with intraocular flexible lenses in cases where “laser is not enough”.

Our technical team undergoes continuous training through several courses and conventions, held in Spain and in foreign countries, where the latest news on ophthalmology and eye surgery is announced. Dr. López Castro is also invited to conferences and courses to train other ophthalmologists in these surgical techniques.

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Los miembros de nuestro equipo

Pilar Vázquez
Pilar VázquezGlaucoma,anterior segment and cornea
Mª Carmen García Sáenz
Mª Carmen García SáenzVitreous, retina, macula and uvea
Carlos Tello de Miguel
Carlos Tello de MiguelCataracts, refractive surgery
Cristina Izquierdo Vázquez
Cristina Izquierdo VázquezVitreous, retina and macula
Eduardo Jiménez Martínez
Eduardo Jiménez MartínezVitreous, retina, macula and pediatric ophthalmology
Diego Losada Bayo
Diego Losada BayoEyelid and tear duct
Fernando Sellers López
Fernando Sellers LópezAnterior segment, pediatric ophthalmology