Presbyopia or eye strain

There are different techniques for seeing close-up without glasses, all have advantages and disadvantages; these are the possibilities: 


  • Extraction of the crystalline lens, with or without cataracts, through the positioning of a multifocal lens, which is a lens that makes it possible to see close-up and at distance at the same time. This may bring on halo vision at night but in general it is not noticeable. This lens has produced some very satisfactory results in the majority of patients who do not wish to wear glasses for close-up or distances, although for certain very demanding visual activities some support from glasses with weak lenses may be required.

Laser surgery

If you have the operation for cataracts or by laser, leaving one eye without the strength for distance vision and the other with myopia of 1.5 dioptres to see close-up, the disadvantage is that the one eye that is left myopic will not see over distance. One eye will see over distance and the other close-up.

More information about Presbilasik in this video.

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