Pterygium is the abnormal growth of tissue on the conjunctiva, which tends to go from the tear ducts towards the cornea.

Its exact cause is unknown, although factors that seem to contribute the most are environmental ones (excessive sun exposure, harsh environmental conditions such as dust or dry air, or allergens). Lack of eye lubrication causes dryness and irritation in that area, which can cause the growth of new conjunctiva tissue.

Pterygium causes friction and itchiness discomfort, as well as the feeling of having a foreign object inside the eye. It can also cause astigmatism.

At Laservisión we carry out pterygium surgery with a conjunctival autograft and biologic adhesive, which apart from minimizing the need of using stitches and the postoperative discomforts, also drastically reduces the possibility of recurrence (reappearance of the tissue) from 75% to 5%, thanks to the autograft technique. The surgery consists on removing an abnormal tissue and placing a graft of its own conjunctiva on the area where the pterygium was.

At Laservisión our doctors recommend pterygium surgery in the following cases:

  • When the patient wants to improve their physical appearance.
  • When the patient has discomfort.

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