What is an ICL?

The ICL is similar to a contact lens. The difference is that the ICL is inserted within the eye instead of being placed on the surface. It is soft and small, similar to the eye’s natural lens but it does not replace it.

It becomes an additional lens in the ocular system. The ICL is designed in such a way that it can correct myopia and hypermetropia. The toric ICL can also correct a stigmatism when it presents associated with myopia.

The lens works by changing the focus point of light on the retina.


Due to the fact that the ICL is small and soft, it can be doubled and injected into the eye in a few seconds, through a very small hole that is made under the upper eyelid.

Once injected, the ICL unfolds and adjusts itself within the liquid that there is between the iris and the natural lens (crystalline lens).

By performing a simple procedure the ICL can be removed or replaced by another, should this be necessary.

What material is made out of?

The ICL is made of a unique material called Collamer, the most important quality of which consists of being accepted by the human body as if it were its own tissue. This means that there is no rejection.

Other special characteristics of Collamer are its high level of transparency, its flexibility and elasticity that enables it to be folded and injected within the eye. Once positioned it recovers its natural shape.

Prior to treatment a clinical examination of the eyes and visual sharpness is required. To avoid discomfort, the eye is treated with topical anaesthetic drops before the procedure. The doctor may also recommend a sedative.

First a very tiny incision is made in the area of the eye where the white part joins the transparent part and the eye’s curve (sclerocorneal junction).

A gelatinous substance is injected inside the eye and then the ICL is injected, which initially should rest in front of the iris.

Finally the ICL is carefully implanted behind the iris and the gelatinous substance is removed from inside the eye.

This is what the entire procedure consists of. The small cut that is made does not need stitches. It seals itself naturally and will heal quickly. The ICL implant is an outpatient procedure (without admission) that lasts about 7 to 12 minutes. After the treatment the person can leave the clinic in the company of a family member or friend. The doctor will inform you when you are able to drive a vehicle.

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